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Edge/MKX don't make IIHS top picks


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Yep, keep the wheels down and the point is moot. To be honest the current roof strength is far beyond what any of us who remember watching Neil take one giant leap for mankind on tv had before basically up til just recently. This isnt to thumb my nose at safety but honestly I'm not losing sleep. These are pretty safe vehicles based on current crash stats and frankly having grown up in an age when riding in the back of the truck was considered completely safe I cant help but find this a yawn.

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I equate the new safety ratings to the nuclear overkill capability. Even a 3 star vehicle is so much safer than the best vehicles 10-20 years ago. The chances of having the type of accident where having a 5 star versus 4 star vehicle makes any significant difference in survivability or extent of injuries is so minuscule that i don't worry much about it.

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One thing I never worry about when I order a new vehicle is what is it going to be like on its lid. I would be more worried about if the motor decides to sit in the front seat with me or if the rear deck lid turns into a dashboard. By the way it is rated good on other lists including Truck Trends.

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Try and figure this one out. The MKS, which the wife drives, has a BAMR, and it made the list ,

go figure ????


OK, I admit it: I'm the last one in on the joke. Since I first discovered this board, 4 - 6 weeks ago, it has driven me nuts what BAMR stands for. I deduced that MR stood for 'moonroof', but kept getting stalled with the 'BA', but steadfastly refused to look it up. Until this morning.


Hilarious!!! It certainly is that. :rockon:

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