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  1. ​I've tried to head-off that problem..... when I purchased out 2016 Edge, I opted for the 3M Bra on the front end, and up the hood for a couple feet.... and they also coated the mirrors and door edges, We only have about 5,000 miles, and haven't been through a Winter, yet. But I believe this will help prevent rock chips. I just wish it would also prevent bug splatters. Oh, and I believe that bra set us back around $900..... so not cheap.
  2. Yes, it is normal for the car to decelerate going downhill. My 2016 does just that. I do remember reading it in the manual..... but I just can't remember where it talks about it. In a nutshell, your Edge is normal.
  3. jacksprat

    Edge SEL AWD Brakes Touchy

    ​We've had our 2016 Titanium for a couple months. Yes, I'd call the breaks touchy, but most of the time, i'm okay with them. Once in awhile, I get surprised and have to make a sudden stop..... and that really scares my wife, and any passengers...... but it definitely stops on a dime, and gives back change. Yes, a light touch on the pedal is what it takes.
  4. I wish I had thought to use vinegar. My 2016 Edge came from the factory with the windshield, and all the windows, covered with heavy water spots. Glass cleaner didn't make a dent. I used a clay bar...... and it took an hour just on the windshield..... but it did work. I haven't even told the dealer how much time I saved them by doing it myself, but I was upset that they didn't appear to have even tried to clean the windows. Since I picked the car up during a heavy rain storm, it just might have been overlooked. Anyway, good luck on your windows! Jack
  5. jacksprat

    How do you like "too good to be blue" color

    We've had our Titanium exactly two weeks..... and I still can't explain if I'm sold on the color. In the right sun, it is great! On cloudless days (which we've had many in the last two weeks), it's just kinda gray; but sometimes has a green tint. In the sun, and at the right angle, it's a darned purty metallic blue. But the real kicker. is.... that my wife likes it!!
  6. jacksprat

    How to pass time waiting for your Edge to arrive

    Our 2016 Titanium arrived at the dealers in exactly two months from the order day..... and I've noticed some received theirs in slightly less time. It was as expected..... so I didn't suffer any. It appears that the build date depends on the model ordered, and the time it was ordered. They maybe make Titaniums one week, and SELs the next...... etc., but that's just a guess. Oh, and I did spend some of the waiting time reading the Owner's Manual online..... and I believe that helped with all the stuff that needs to be learned about these new vehicles. I believe they told me there are 90-computers in the new Edge..... and that's more than the the space ship had that took the astronauts to the moon. (I don't know if that's a fact..... but surely impressed me.) Anyway, after putting 1,300 miles on the new car, I think the wait was worth it! It drives like a dream!
  7. jacksprat

    what tires came on your edge? (from the factory)

    Yup..... we just got our 2016 Titanium last week and it has 19" Hankook - which I had never heard of. (But, then, I don't get out much.) I suppose they come from China, or someplace exotic..... since it's supposedly and American car, made in Canada.
  8. jacksprat

    New Edge owner

    Hey, Winboy..... way to make friends and influence people! Just to remind you..... you are on the Edge Forum..... which isn't likely to be folks who think the Edge is ugly. I'm just on my way to pick up our new 2016 Edge Titanium - Too Good To Be Blue - without realizing I was picking up an ugly car. Way to dampen my spirit!
  9. jacksprat

    Turn Signal Sound

    I can't say this is an easy remedy..... but once you hit advanced age..... say 60-70 years old, noises no longer are a problem. That's why you see us oldsters driving around with our turn signals on..... we can't hear them anymore. That also works for those nagging rattles. Good luck on your aging process! Jack
  10. jacksprat

    2.0 L EcoBoost or 3.5 L v6

    Brian--There is gobs of stuff about your subject in this forum. However, they have recently changed the format, and I'm almost totally lost on how to find anything. I asked your same question some months ago. Lately, I have ordered a loaded Titanium - AWD - 2.0. Most of the folks who answered my question on engine size, recommended the 3.5. I decided on the 2.0 mainly because of the fuel economy..... and I never did hear anything bad about that engine. Here are some links I copied while I was looking. Feel free to click on some of them to help you out..... and maybe somebody else will chime in with better ideas. I apologize for the length of this. Hopefully it will help you..... as it helped me in my decision. Jack ALEX GIVES 10-MINUTE REVIEW: (This is a very good road test & recommendation by Alex, on the 2015 Edge https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qr2bvXZRqyc Here's one of the threads in this forum that will give you tons of info: (And if you keep looking, there are others.) http://www.fordedgef...d-vs-subaru-vs/ Good luck! Jack http://www.fordedgeforum.com/index.php?app=core&module=search&do=user_activity&mid=35860 POWERSTROKE: Wife & I put 12,000 miles on our first '15 Edge that leaked. 3.5L V-6 AWD. Setting the cruise at 75 on 4-lane divided highways in hilly western Wisconsin would have the transmission dropping two gears and screaming up to 4200 rpm while climbing hills. If I played with the sport setting the car would climb the hill in 5th gear. We have around 3500 miles on our replacement Edge, EB 2.0L AWD. Most of those same hills it will pull in 6th gear, even accelerate in 6th. If you drop into 5th acceleration is rather spirited. So the extra 25 #/ft of torque 1000 rpm lower in the rev range does make up for the 40 extra HP of the 3.5L. The 2.7L EB V-6 makes even more torque & HP at even lower rpm so it must pull really well. My Wife found the 3.5L in the Edge to be "doggy", only way to get it to move at times was to floor it and force a downshift to lower gears or it would not accelerate. The little 2.0L EB blends into city and highway traffic with much less commotion and accelerates comfortably at lower rpm without downshifts. cv27: Personally, I don't do much hill climbing. I find the additional torque of the 2.0EB versus the V6 really makes a difference at low speeds, especially if you set it on 'S'. sprocketman: I own a 2015 Edge with the 2.0L EcoBoost. The car only has 2800 miles on it, so I can't speak to the longevity of the engine, but I can speak about drive-ability. My current car is in the shop, and I am driving a 2015 loaner with the 3.5L NA engine. In my opinion, the 2.0 is much better suited to this vehicle than the 3.5L. The 2.0 has much more torque, and that torque is available at a much lower RPM than the 3.5. The 3.5 downshifts at the tiniest touch of the throttle, and it hunts around for the correct gear when going up and down rolling hills on the freeway. We also own an older Explorer with the SOHC V6, and that vehicle drives the same way. IMO, that engine is mismatched in that vehicle also. Neither V6 is a bad engine - they just aren't made for hauling a heavy SUV around. They make good power - just not where you really need it. The 2.0 drives more like a torquey V8 that an inline 4. If you haven't driven one, you should do so before pulling the trigger. The driving experience is much more enjoyable with the 2.0. You'll thank me for it.
  11. I shouldn't butt in here when I'm not really sure..... but I believe I once read in this Forum that the seats aren't fully leather. However, I'm not smart enough with the Forum to know how to find that topic. I hope one of you regulars can help the guy with the question. If I remember correctly, there was an animal lover that couldn't stand that some animal was killed for the leather..... or something like that. Never mind that the leather is just a by-product of an animal maybe killed for the meat, etc. Thanks! Jack
  12. Out in our country, gas fill-ups can be 50-80 miles apart. That 30-35 miles between is kinda scary. Guess a guy might have pay closer attention to the gauges.
  13. cab--That's a beautiful automobile! And I plan on ordering the same thing in a few weeks..... if I can get my butt off dead center. I plan on ordering the Titanium with a lot of the goodies. A question for you: Are those the stock 19" wheels on your Edge? I think they look good..... but after reading this Forum for awhile, I've discovered that one man's wheels aren't necessarily another man's. Oh, and are you tickled with the color? It is COOL!
  14. jacksprat

    Ford Edge 2016

    akirby--Thanks for chiming in..... and all the rest of you, also...... because I didn't really know what I was talking about. You who mention Alex on Autos..... this is one of the guys I was talking about who mentioned torque steer. He actually recommended AWD over FWD because of it. Here is his video on the Edge: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZhdVrfM4Ao In this, at about 16-minutes, Alex says this is the quietist crossover he has tested, and at about 17 minutes, he talks about the torque steer..... mentioning AWD is his recommendation, mostly on the Sport model. His is a very good review of the Edge, and he also touches on the competitors. Jack
  15. jacksprat

    Ford Edge 2016

    I don't yet own an Edge, but feel I should reply, anyway. In anticipation of purchasing, I've done a ton of investigating. I've read in a couple places, or have seen a video, which talks about the torque steer of the Edge..... and I believe it's in all the engines. (Hopefully, akirby, or some of the regulars to this Forum can chime in.) Anyway, supposedly the torque steer is severe enough that the folks doing the testing of the Edges recommended the AWD as a safer choice, or more pleasant choice. The Edge just has quite a torque, even in, or even especially in, the 2.0 engine. Since I don't have the personal knowledge, please just check it out, or, as I said, hopefully you experts will chime in. The torque wouldn't care if you lived in a warm, dry climate.... but it might depend on the type driver you are? (Oh, and I don't know even what is PU leakage..... but I don't think it has anything to do with wearing Depends?) Jack