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  1. could be your ballast.... Unless I over compilated the repair, I had to pull off the nose/front bumper so that I could get to the ballasts and swap them from side to side..... and it followed the ballast to the other side. A pain to pull the bumper, but I think that might be your next step
  2. You're welcome! Sharing... isn't that why we're all here?
  3. pedro2u

    2011 3.5 with stutter or miss

    so 2 of the 6 CarQuest Coils I replaced last fall have since failed in 4 months.. Advance Auto replaced them under warranty. but what a pain. I spoke to my local Indy about coil failures, and his experience is he's seeing the same rate with OEM and the aftermarket coils lately
  4. On my 2011 Limited (which may be different than the SEL), the left side touch pad on the steering wheel controls it. Look at your fuel gauge in the cluster and then hit the down arrow on the steering wheel to get down to Display. Then Hit the right arrow to cycle through the formats it can display. I always chose the combined fuel and temperature gauge myself
  5. pedro2u

    CarQuest Coils

    I started having rough idle issues and got codes for a coil at 165,000 miles, so I proactively replaced all 6 ignition coils in my 2011 Edge Limited with CarQuest coils exactly a year ago. One of those coils failed in 9 months and was replaced under warranty, another one failed today. Luckily I had saved the original coils I'd removed or I'd be stranded. 2 out of 6 in a year???? Anyone else having bad luck with these coils?
  6. pedro2u

    CarQuest Coils

    Thanks, and agree with you on OEM vs aftermarket. It was all the local part store carried when my car was limping along so I went for it, and true, similar price for OEM which makes the aftermarket failures more painful
  7. I put Mustang GT wheels on my 2011. Fortunately the Mustang hub was slightly larger than the Edge so I only had to buy the exact size hub centric rings for about $20 on eBay Good luck with the machining! Let us know how it goes (and what it cost!)
  8. this website always helps me, just change the year to do the compares: https://www.wheel-size.com/size/ford/edge/2014/ Center bore: 2014 is 63.4mm 2008 is 70.5 mm You're going to need an adapter
  9. pedro2u

    2011 3.5 with stutter or miss

    My 2011 Edge with 165K miles had a very similar issue last fall. My wife was complaining that during highway driving there would be an occasional shudder/miss on long hills. I would test drive it and it would run fine. I told her that it could be caused by so many things..... and that I could fix it, if and when it threw a code! It took about a month, but finally.... a code! Bad coil! Of course it was back on the firewall $@&#%!!!, so I figured it was a good time to replace all 6 coils along with the plugs while I've got it torn down, especially given the mileage. Problem solved In your case, if one coil already failed, aren't they all at their end of life? They say "no banana is older than the rest"
  10. Rereading enigma-2's always helpful posts, I see my maintenance log and my Parts log aren't the same. The maintenance log missed several DIY part installations, so to include it all, here's the $1,762 I spent in parts over the years.... 01/24/16 41,000 SPORT GRILLE INSERTS - PRIMED Black 07/02/17 76,197 Mustang GT Wheels Craigslist 07/03/17 76,197 Replace Nav Display Panel - hazards turning on unattended 06/21/18 88,000 Wagner Ceramic Front Pads set - Amazon 08/18/18 88,000 Front Rotors - Advance Auto YH147502P 09/14/18 90,000 Rear Wiper Housing - 9T4Z-17526F 06/19/19 104,668 Optimum Battery - Best Ford 01/25/20 114,752 Wagner Rear Pads - Amazon 01/25/20 114,752 Wagner Rear Rotors - Amazon 04/11/20 118,278 Duralast Outer Tie Rod Ends - Autozone 04/23/20 119,000 Bosch Icon 18in Beam Wiper Blade 04/23/20 119,000 Bosch Icon 20in Beam Wiper Blade 08/28/21 141,888 Duralast Brake pads - Autozone DG1258/DG1377 08/31/21 142,054 FRAM Extra Guard Air Filter, CA10242 12/13/21 148,800 Steering Angle Sensor 02/10/22 151,877 Philips 42302C1 D3S Standard Xenon HID Headlight 02/15/22 151,877 Carquest Premium Ignition Coil 09/10/22 162,000 Rear Calipers - Chuck & Eddie's 11/16/22 167,000 Rear View Park Assist Back Up Camera
  11. If this helps, I've kept a log of maintenance done on my 2011 Limited. First few entries are previous owner off the Carfax, I've owned it since 40K miles and any 2016 entries (like the PTU failure) and have attempted to maintain 5K mile oil changes and tire rotations: Date Mileage Service 11/19/11 6,695 Oil & Filter Change 06/09/12 9,375 Oil & Filter Change 04/06/13 16,279 Oil & Filter Change 04/06/13 16,279 Replace Cabin Air Filter 03/20/15 35,377 Oil & Filter Change 03/20/15 35,377 Replace wipers WW2601PF/WW2001PF/WW1412 09/24/15 36,685 Oil & Filter Change 09/24/15 36,685 Front & Rear Brakes Replaced 11/24/15 40,753 Oil & Filter Change 11/24/15 40,753 Replace wipers WW2601PF/WW2001PF/WW1412 11/24/15 40,753 Replace Air Filter FA1884 FP65 01/04/16 40,168 State Insp 04/26/16 43,909 State Insp 06/14/16 47,515 Replace PS Lines - warranty 06/14/16 47,515 Replace PTU - Warranty 06/14/16 47,515 Oil Change/Rotate Tires 11/09/16 55,137 State Insp 11/09/16 55,138 Oil Change/Rotate Tires 11/09/16 55,139 Transmission Flush 04/05/17 62,438 Oil Change/Rotate Tires 04/05/17 62,438 State Insp 08/18/17 70,643 Oil Change/Rotate Tires 11/18/17 76,197 Replace tires Michelin Lattitude 245/60/18 (4) + Mounting 03/23/18 80,761 Oil Change/Rotate Tires 06/21/18 85,064 Oil Change/Rotate Tires 07/02/18 85,354 Michelin blown tire replacement 08/18/18 88,000 Replace Front Rotors & Pads 09/14/18 90,000 Replace Rear Wiper Housing 12/21/18 96,092 Oil Change/Rotate Tires 04/11/19 102,390 State Insp 04/11/19 102,390 Oil Change/Rotate Tires 06/19/19 104,668 Opitimum Battery 10/23/19 109,759 Oil Change/Rotate Tires 01/24/20 114,752 Oil Change/Rotate Tires 01/25/20 114,752 Replace Rear Rotors & Pads 04/11/20 118,278 Oil Change/Rotate Tires 04/11/20 118,278 Outer Tie Rod Ends 04/11/20 118,278 4 Wheel Alignment 04/11/20 118,278 State Insp 12/15/20 124,525 Oil Change/Rotate Tires 08/28/21 141,888 Front Duralast Brake Pads DG1258 08/30/21 142,034 Oil Change/Rotate Tires 08/30/21 142,054 Replace tires Michelin Lattitude 245/60/18 (4) + Mounting 08/31/21 142,054 Air Filter 08/31/21 142,055 Battery replaced under warranty 02/14/22 152,067 Cylinder 1-3-5 Coil pack (EBC1013) & plugs (XP5363) 02/14/22 152,067 CV axle left (tone ring broken) 02/18/22 152,300 Replace Exhaust 02/19/22 152,306 Oil Change/Rotate Tires 05/06/22 158,734 Oil Change/Rotate Tires 05/06/22 158,734 Alignment 09/10/22 162,000 Replace right rear brake caliper and pads 11/03/22 165,700 Oil Change/Rotate Tires 11/17/22 167,000 Replace Backup Camera
  12. You don’t mention it, but assume you’ve done the reset? Works on my 2011 every time this happens. Step 1: Hold down both the climate control power and defrost buttons at the same time. Press down for 5 seconds. Step 2: Release the climate control power and defrost buttons. Step 3: Hold just the temperature control power button for a few seconds
  13. I'm no expert, but I do have 2016 Mustang GT wheels on my 2011 Edge. So I say look at the data and decide Your 2018 Edge wheel sizes can be checked here: https://www.wheel-size.com/size/ford/edge/2018/ The 2019 Mustang here: https://www.wheel-size.com/size/ford/mustang/2019/ Based on that data, seems like you'd need adapters to convert your Edge 5x108 bolt pattern to accommodate the 5x114.3 wheels. Looks like most adapters I find would push the wheel 1.25" farther from the hub if that works for you.
  14. still equally well hidden. YouTube is your friend:
  15. you don't mention what year you have, but on my 2011 it's this: after that, you set your own code like this: Enter the factory set code. 2. Within five seconds press the 1 • 2 on the keypad. 3. Enter your personal 5-digit code. Each number must be entered within five seconds of each other.
  16. pedro2u

    Back up camera lines

    Although there may be other causes for disappearing lines, I can confirm that my lines disappeared years ago on my 2011 Edge, long before the camera finally stopped working. I replaced the camera 3 weeks ago and the camera now works and the lines returned as well! Great thread on it here:
  17. I only mentioned the headlight control module because it's listed on the diagram. I believe it's the sensor on your dash at the base and center of the windshield that turns your headlights on when it gets dark. Probably not your issue. If I'm reading it correctly from the diagram, it appears headlight power first goes from the battery (fused) over to the left headlight via pin 3 BRN (VPWR) . Power exits from the left headlight (VCC) on pin 5 BLU/GRY then goes to the right headlight pin 5. I assume you've checked this path? If not, I might start there Good luck
  18. Not sure if this helps, but I found a diagram for 2008 online here: https://portal-diagnostov.com/en/2020/04/11/headlights-ford-edge-sel-2008-system-wiring-diagrams/ And a used replacement headlight control module here in case that's the culprit: https://www.ebay.com/itm/234122769083 Good luck!
  19. Happy to have found this thread. My 2011 Edge camera has mostly NOT worked for at least the last 5 years. It would occasionally surprise us when it would come on..... But thanks to the YouTube video posted by enigma-2 and the $60 camera I purchased on Amazon it now works again. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09H4M12TV?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details The video makes it simple. The only issue I had was that my trusty 25 year old vice grips were not up to the task to remove the 6 studs, even after a soaking with PB Blaster. So as of now it's retired (recycled) and a run to the hardware store delayed the repair but got me a new replacement from Milwaukee. It had no issue with the studs. The only change I'd suggest to the video is when to test the replacement camera. In the video, he tests it after he has reassembled everything but the back cover. I suggest testing sooner, as soon as you've popped the outside panel with the camera back in place and you're at the point where you can plug in the connectors. It would just save some disassembly time in the event it didn't work for any reason All in all though, an easy and very rewarding DIY! Thanks to all for your contributions Pete
  20. pedro2u

    Steering angle position sensor replacement instructions.

    digging up an old thread, but at 150K miles my 2011 finally started getting the Autorac and traction faults, and the code signaled the Steering Angle Sensor. So following this great thread, and a few videos, I replaced the sensor today. $46. Wait 30 minutes after disconnecting the battery then actual replacement took 30-45 minutes Instructions here are spot on with a few differences. On my 2011 Limited, the airbag connector had squeeze tabs to remove it (easy). No knife needed to pry it up. And there was no 18mm steering wheel nut, it was a large torx bolt (W708887S434)........ and finally the 3 screws holding the clock spring were T10's not T20's. The Steering Angle sensor came out together with the clock spring, there were no separate screws. Then the Angle Sensor easily pulls right out of the clock spring. Reassembly was a snap, plug the new sensor into it's fixed connectors and then carefully slip the clock spring over it and screw it down and make the connections Thanks again to all for this great thread. Shows that sometimes these threads are timeless Pete
  21. I have a 2011 Ford Escape Limited with a 10-way leather drivers seat, and decided to upgrade the front passenger leather seat to match it: from a 6-way seat to the 10-way passenger seat that was finally available starting in 2012. I found a matching 2012 seat in great condition for only $75 at a recycler located 180 miles roundtrip away in Rhode Island and picked it up Thursday. I'd been reviewing wiring diagrams for the last several days in preparation. So made the swap today, and was surprised to find the connectors for both the old and donor seat were pinned with wires in the same locations. Great! There were no additional or missing wires when comparing them. I was expecting to have to do some wiring. So I disconnected the battery for 30 minutes and I rolled the dice and plugged in the replacement 10-way. Reconnected the battery....... Every function on the new seat worked perfectly: back/forward, up/down, seatback reclines, seat tilt down and up, heated seat! Great! But now the airbag light was on.... comes on at initial start, goes out for a few seconds, then stays on solid Oh, Merry Christmas to all!!!!!! Now, to get that light off. I looked at the images that the recycler had for the wreck and saw that the drivers airbag had deployed (not the passenger). But assuming that the pretensioner had fired for both seats on the wreck, I pulled the donor seat back out (grrr), and swapped in the known good tensioner from my original seat. It was also pin for pin compatible. Reinstalled and connected everything. No change And that's where I am. seat looks great, works great, and the Airbag light is still on, plus there are no OBD codes at all. Any suggestions? How do I reset this light? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated
  22. Thanks for the replies. Enigma-2, In my searches for the answer, I had previously read the link you shared, but appreciate your followup. And DaMiFo, I can say that the occupancy sensor in the seat is at least sensing occupancy, since when I sit in the donor passenger seat, the console indicator switches from Passenger Airbag OFF to ON. And for codes, I have an Actron CP9690, which appears to be able to read some modules, but when I plug it into my Edge, those options aren't present. In fact there's an Airbag test on the tool, but it's not available when I plug it in. I did watch a few more airbag fix YouTube videos, most of no value.... that video said the most common cause was the the yellow connector under the passenger seat should be reseated, which I just did with no success. My Edge is scheduled to be at the dealer for the Brake Booster extended warranty fix on Tuesday, so I may ask if they can attempt to reset it (although I fear a massive diag charge, but I'll ask about cost first) I'll post the results
  23. I had a similar problem with my 2011 Ford Edge Limited, except is was the Emergency Flashers that would turn on by themselves randomly. The killer was that it would occasionally happen when the car was unattended and I'd return to a dead battery - multiple times.!!!! I ended up replacing the panel with one from a 2013 and the problem was fixed and has never returned. I'd say just replace it. Those capacitive touch panels are suspect in my book
  24. pedro2u

    Wheel swap

    Check it here: https://www.wheel-size.com/size/ford/edge/2014/ https://www.wheel-size.com/size/ford/explorer/2013/ but hub is the same and offsets are similar. I have Mustang GT wheels on my 2011, there's lots of room to play around with from my experience
  25. This fixed mine!!! I've been driving my 2011 Edge Limited for the last 5 years having to turn the heat up to 80 on the drivers side in order to get any heat on the that side. Passenger side was always fine. I've been reading these "repairs" that were all over the map for what was wrong. The dealer even looked at it and said they found no problem. Last week I came across the YouTube video that fixed my problem. Been working for a week...... Wished I'd found it 5 years ago... There are 2 versions of the recalibration, 1 for Limited and 1 for SEL. You may want to try this and a similar fix for the SEL's that use a key to start