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  1. Doomstang

    For Those that have Tuned The Edge ST

    Yep, I've been running the LMS 93 tune for a few months now (was running their 89 tune before that). With less people on the road and just going to-from the office, the car was saying 24.5mpg and Fuelly put me at 23 on the last tank....I'm pretty impressed.
  2. I did the Livernois tune and especially going from stock 87 to tuned 93 I notice quite a difference in everyday driving. I have no regrets.
  3. Doomstang

    Weird Noise When Opening Doors

    Sooo there's a new part that is quieter, hmm
  4. Doomstang

    Weird Noise When Opening Doors

    Yes, mine does that all the time too and I've never figured out what is going on under there! I really hope someone has an explanation because it bugs me to not know what is moving.
  5. Doomstang

    G2 Edge Sport Catch Can

    Installed mine last weekend, same experience here 👍
  6. Doomstang

    Price Paid

    $44,390 delivered. That was for 401a, cargo package, and cold weather package. $1,545 in incentives was included in that number. It was on the Z-Plan so no negotiating.
  7. Installed the K&N air filter the other day and then got the JLT oil catch can installed this afternoon on my ST. Thinking about a Livernois tune next!
  8. Doomstang

    Edge ST MPG

    Stop and go kills mpg... Especially when you accelerate on the faster side. Every time I get on the highway I watch my average mph climb in no time. I'm curious to see what I'll get in my ST when making a 12 hour highway trip in late Sept
  9. Doomstang

    G2 Edge Sport Catch Can

    I'm looking to buy a JLT catch can for my ST but only found through '18s on their site. Am I looking in the wrong spot? Nevermind, clicking the link states '19 ST compatibility.
  10. Doomstang

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    My weird shifting from 3 to 4 every morning was resolved with the TSB done last Thursday evening. I haven't gone on anything longer than a 15 minute commute but my concerns seem to have disappeared
  11. Doomstang

    Mileage when taking delivery

    My ST that I custom ordered showed up with 9.8 miles (15.8km).
  12. Saw that just a little while ago. I'm hoping to get my ST's transmission software updated as well as this fixed in the coming weeks.
  13. Doomstang

    Flat tire with 1900 miles on my ST

    Summer only tires? Mine came with a spare but I didn't get the upgraded wheels so I'm wondering if that's the difference.
  14. Doomstang

    2019 Edge ST Finally got a build date

    Sunset Ford in MO. They were great as well, I bought both my '18 Edge Titanium and our '15 Escape Titanium (getting sold next weekend) from there.
  15. Doomstang

    2019 Edge ST Finally got a build date

    Mine had 8 more days estimated before delivery and it showed up at the dealer this morning. It was a snowy afternoon here in St Louis but I still picked her up!