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  1. Unlimited

    Tesla style replacement radio

    I'm thinking about getting this. I like this tesla type radio a lot.
  2. Unlimited

    Aftermarket Parts Websites?

    You can find Some OEM accessories like the roof rack at really good deals on https://www.fordpartsprime.com/ford-accessories.html . Hope this helps you out.
  3. Unlimited

    Vanity plate ideas...

    My neighbor has NVME on his vanity plates lol
  4. Unlimited


    Thanks for the info..good to know.
  5. Unlimited

    Galpin Auto Show

    Thanks for the pics and video.
  6. Unlimited

    Ford Edge Spare Key Cost $350 Dollars

    I got my OEM replacement key from https://www.fordpartsprime.com/ and I save a lot of money over sourcing the key from the dealer
  7. Unlimited

    20” rims and tires SOLD!

    Man those are some nice wheels
  8. This colorway is great..some call it shark gray
  9. Unlimited

    Ever use FordPartsGiant.com??

    I've been purchasing OEM Ford parts and accessories from https://www.fordpartsprime.com/ and they've been great. Fast shipping and cheap prices!
  10. Unlimited

    Greetings from UK

    Welcome aboard..nice ride.
  11. Unlimited

    K&N CAI/OEM Swap

    You should call some wrecking yards find one that has your exact car and buy what you need, you'll save a ton of money.
  12. Unlimited

    Piece under front bumper

    I would suggest this place https://www.fordpartsprime.com/ they have all o.e. Ford parts but not at the dealer prices.
  13. Unlimited

    VIN decoder

    You can also enter your VIN on https://www.fordpartsprime.com/ . The page will decode your VIN.
  14. Unlimited


    I was driving around when it hit so I didn't feel it. Glad there wasn't any major damage.
  15. Unlimited


    Newbie checking in from Long Beach, Cali. Look forward to learning new things and helping others out.