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  1. I bit the bullet and bought a Sync 3.4 upgrade kit off of ebay. The kit included the screen, the APIM module, a usb hub, a GPS antenna, and some pry tools. It was clear that somebody had been into the center console before as I found some clips missing some some plastic was broken. Nothing that major and I was able to order all the proper clips from the dealer and used some glue to affix a clip. Not a huge deal, but I wonder what they were doing? There's clear evidence of a spilled coffee as well, so maybe the previous owners were trying to clean all the junk out of the center cup holder area? Anyhow, things went pretty smoothly. I located the GPS antenna in front of the dash storage tray. Some online video put stuck it to a location that I didn't think would hold for very long, so I laid mine flat by the speaker grill in the dash. I have practice as I had to basically do the installation twice due to an error by the seller. Upon initial installation, if jumped right into the car and started it immediately, I'd get a "Navigation is not functioning properly" error. If I waited about 30 seconds before starting it, then it was fine. The seller said they sent the wrong GPS antenna (even though it DID work after you ack'd the error). The new antenna arrived and I had to take the dash apart again. The new antenna is shaped slightly differently, but everything works 100%. No issues or niggles. Works great!
  2. The coffee was around the cupholder/shifter area. This is where the plastic clips were missing in a few places. The center stack itself appeared untouched. Yes, I had a Sync 2 system with Ford Touch...no car play or the Sync 3.0 stuff. The touchscreen on Ford Touch requires actual pressure on the screen for "touch" as you have to press two panes of "plastic" together. The new screen is capacative touch, like any modern mobile phone. You just barely breathe on it and it registers. This was pretty much plug-n-play, except for the initially-wrong gps antenna. Yep, $650 included them pre-programming the APIM module as I had to submit my VIN to them upon ordering. It took about 9 days for the screen to arrive from China to Seattle. The directions they shipped with the unit aren't that great or specific to my vehicle, but there were a few youtube videos I watched that provided a lot of help on where the clips were located. It's really easy. I could pull the unit out of the dash in less than 15 minutes now without breaking anything. If you can install a car stereo, you can do this.
  3. Cost was $650. All parts were brand new, the screen says made in China on the back; but, the original Sync 2 screen also said "Made in China" on it, so I'm pretty sure it's a factory part. There were cheaper options, but this one looked legit, for some reason. It also came with a ODB-II-to-USB cable, should they need to remotely connect to help you diagnose any problems using Teamviewer and probably a hacked version of Forscan. I didn't need that level of support, only a different GP antenna. All the steering wheel controls work, voice commands, climate, navigation, and audio system. This replaced the current usb/aux/sd-card with a usb-c and usb port. That's fine, frankly.
  4. So, I didn't notice anything odd on the Carfax after I selected a used 2015 Ford Edge. When cleaning the vehicle, I see the following sticker: I am the "third" owner. It appears the first owner only had the car for about 6 months, which then Ford apparently bought it back, then the next people had it until just last month when I bought it from them. So, this vehicle apparently was a lemon-law return. Is there any way to find out which repairs that the dealer couldn't finish that triggered the lemon law? I had no idea that Ford would put a sticker in the door jamb for this.
  5. My Edge is in the shoppe for a recall (steering bolt corrosion) and I had them try to look it up. My vehicle does fall within the water ingress issue based on manufacture date (April 4, 2015). Geez, only a few weeks away from when Ford identified and remedied the issue in the factory. I see that 15B21 recall was performed to check for water dampness. The vehicle failed the dampness test. A few months later, the car was in the dealership again with "related damage vehicle hold". The dealership worked on the car for 14.7 shop hours where they did the following: "Perform recall 15b21. Leak Verified. Apply urethane sealer to a-pillar. Repair vehicle per wet vehicle repair instructions" I suspect that the owners got the option to have their vehicle purchased by Ford. The '16 models were just about to come out and those included Sync 3. I know if Ford was going to buy my car back and I could get a new one with an upgraded ICE (in car entertainment), I'd take it. Still looking for further information. Does anybody have more info on this leak issue? Can you inspect the vehicle and tell what's been done? Is this leak from the passenger side, drivers side, or both?