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    Overdrive Button

    While the ODbutton is off and you are decending a hill just touch the breaks and hold the pedal, not enough to engage them, and the trans will downshift. If the speed isnt slowed the trans will downshift another gear. Very handy way to slow in hilly areas without using your breaks.
  2. http://www.zainostore.com/ This Zaino lasts through a MI winter. Absolutely the best I have used in 40 yrs of maintaining a cars shine. It requires a little more effort on your part than the "over the counter" proctorents but it is well worth it. Been using it for 5 years or so and cant be happier.
  3. kempie

    Happy New Year

    Thanks, Right back at ya....
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    MYOB............. Just kidding... I'm curious also.
  5. My guess, and its just that, is that signlight refers the the ability to illuminate overhead signs on the expressway. European type projector style headlights have such a sharp cut-off line that the overhead signs may not be reflected as bright as to be easily read.
  6. kempie

    Lazy Man's Car Wash

    Bookworm, For an OTC wax and wash product Meguiars NXT gives you the most bang for the effort. I use Zaino. Its is sold only on line and is more work and better that Meguiars and lasts much longer. But for a low effort / big bling wash and wax system that you can buy at the corner store Meguiars is hard to beat.
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    You are correct once the bulbs have been started. However at the start the ballasts draw much more current. The digital ballasts draw less current and a harness may not be needed.
  8. kempie

    Radio Issue

    So, what did you have for dinner that may have caused this?
  9. kempie

    Augmented Security

    I do hope that dog is a family member and not just an alarm system.
  10. kempie

    Gas mileage question

    With as difficult as it is to fill the gas tank really full I dont know how anyone can be sure that the MPG calculator is not accurate. I have used the same gas station for years. Same pump, same position ect. When I fill the tank in a hurry it will take much less than when I do the slow fill and wait for the gas to show in the filler neck. Then rock the car and put a little more in untill the level is constant at the top. Just not like the old days when a fill up was really full. Now days manually calculating the MPG is really difficult because of the way the fuel tanks & filler necks are configured. I gotta think that the car MPG calculator is more accurate than I could be.
  11. Maybe a helper riding in the back seat, while you drive the same route that you heard the rattle on, could find the source.
  12. kempie

    Why do we need

    Forums are usually for problems or modifications. A newish type veh. like the Edge/MKX has not had enough time in use to create the questions/problems as an Explorer-F150 Ect. Forum set up looks good for the future. IMHO
  13. What about Monroe Air Lift shocks? I used them on a 75 Olds 98 when trailer towing to level the car. Dont know if there are better options but they worked for me then.
  14. Um.....Tell us what they say about that tomorrow. Perhaps they have a super cleaner. I'd be pissed as I'm sure you are. Good luck....
  15. kempie

    What car care products do you use?

    X2...Zaino isn't an "over the counter" type "wax". You gotta want to use it. And learn how. And do the preperation. NXT is nice and easy and provides a great shine...for awhile. NXT also does a very good job at filling in swirle markes. Better than Zaino. However, if you wish to keep that "just detailed" look for 3+ months or more, you will only get it with the proper preparation and Zaino. As for cost. Price per application is about the same. A little Z goes a long way.
  16. kempie

    Projector Fog Light -HID-

    I replaced the fog lights with Hellas. Much better light. I have HID in the Hella fogs on the Mountaineer and will soon have them on the MKX. As you can see from the pics the Ford fogs are really a poor imitation of a projector fog light. http://www.fordedgeforum.com/index.php?/topic/4160-replaced-fog-lights/page__p__32362__hl__kempie__fromsearch__1entry32362
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    ABS and TC light on

    FARD sorry to hear of your problems with your FORD. What caused your brake problems?
  18. kempie

    Oh how I wish....

    Would love the car. Would love to have someone to maintain it in that condition. Oh well......
  19. kempie


    Looking real good. :yup:
  20. Here is some stuff I have used on my sons old Honda. It lasts for a year or so. http://www.topoftheline.com/bumtrimrec.html This is "Forever Black". The Back to Black is a dreessing that washes off while the Forever Black is more like a dye. It wipes off painted surfaces but it will stain your hands. Good stuff....
  21. Cant help on the removal but is painting an option? Also, you gotta tell us what happened. Might save one of us from the same problem. And it could be entertaining. :D
  22. I was under the impression that the higher you had the detector the better the reception from the front. Since that is where 90+% of the alerts come it from seems like a good place to put it. Plus it isnt so visiable from the outside.
  23. Check out the V1 website. I think most are able to be upgraded. Dont know if its cost effective but if you want the newest......Who cares?!?!?!
  24. kempie

    How to remove the foglight plastic/chrome bezel?

    Les is exactly right. There is a pic of the chrome tabs that need to be pinched & pushed in this post. Not real easy to get to, but doable thru the wheel well. May have to remove the splash shield under the bumper also. I am not sure. http://www.fordedgeforum.com/index.php?/topic/4160-replaced-fog-lights/
  25. I used a bendable piece of what I think was an old fog light mount to slide under the V1 cup bracket and then slide under the headliner. Ran the wire under the headliner & down the w/s pillar to the fuse box. I also use the concealed display so no lights visible from the rear.