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    Shifting question...

    Good evening everyone. I have a 2008 3.5 AWD Ford Edge that recently crossed over the 100,000 mile mark. Recently i did a bit of service on it to include the following. Replaced the original waterpump for a ford original part. Replaced the oil with penzoil full synthethic after two engine flushes ( with a k&n filter after ) Drained and filled the tranny fluid with spec fluid ( 11 bottles of fluid ) Replaced the spark plugs to the .54 spec. ( All six plugs ) Put half a bottle of seafoam in the with the motor oil. ( Was this a good idea? ) Put in one bottle of seafoam in with the gas tank before a fill up. Also did a power steering fluid drain and refill. My question / issue that I have is Whenever I go to accelerate it starts to pull or "jerk" while its shifting. I cant really do any hard acceleration or quick take offs. If I dont do anything but a normal from a complete stop then I have this issue again and again. What could be the cause of this issue? What can I do to resolve it? I know this is very vague but Im not quite sure how to explain it and I hope that someone out there can help me?
  2. foxracermenace

    Body color grille on 2011 Sport

    I am working on a custom grill. very nice!
  3. I am currently looking into a full setup for my edge... One sub, optima batteries, capacitors, one head unit, more than one amp, various other speakers.
  4. foxracermenace

    Cabin Filter Replacement

    Remove your glovebox for easier access.
  5. foxracermenace

    2011 Edge Sport AWD 22' rims question

    I would never put anything bigger than a 20 on an edge.
  6. foxracermenace

    AWD or FWD

    I live in Texas see no snow but would not change my AWD for nothing in the world.
  7. foxracermenace

    Oil Change

    Im going to look into a full synth. More oil life.
  8. foxracermenace

    My wife loves her Christmas present!

    Good morning from Houston! I know a few good performance spots.
  9. foxracermenace


    Good morning from Houston!
  10. foxracermenace

    New Owner in Houston

    Good morning fellow Houston Edge owner!
  11. foxracermenace

    2008 Ford Edge AWD recieved hitch on FRONT

    I agree with the tow hook option!
  12. foxracermenace

    Hood scoop

    Scoop? no!
  13. foxracermenace

    Coming soon,... new paint job!

    So you murdered it out? NICE!