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Nice ride. I understand the deal with the wheels, prefer the 18s myself. Prefer having some side wall to absorb the road shock. The wheels look cool, but larger wheels usually mean higher weight, and less wall. Friend of mine found out the 'hard' way, when he had several pothole-induced flats, and finally went back to his factory wheels.

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Sweet looking ride. Good luck. I just picked up a '13 just off lease. The SEL, also Tux Black. Mine has the upgraded? 20" wheels. Thought they were chrome wheels, but was disappointed to discover they were "chrome-clad" (plastic skins) over the steel wheels. Oh well. They look good, but not sure how they'll hold up long term.

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Got the 2014 sport for the lady. dont ready care for the massive 22'' rims, but it is a nice ride.



First, welcome aboard. Love your SPORT.


You mentioned that you would rather have a smaller wheel. You may want to consider posting a thread on the forum asking if anyone with a smaller wheel size wants to do a wheel swap with you. Just a thought.

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