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Possible to have moonroof auto-close with one button push?

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It's a child safety thing, like safety belt not buckled warning. But yes it's a pain. They could have put in a resistance sensor instead to avoid strangling your kid (who shouldn't be sticking out his head while your other kid jokingly tries to shut the moon roof on his beloved brother, just to see what happens ;) )

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The Edge/MKX seem to be the only Ford products with this issue (having to manually close the last ~6-8"). But they are also the only products with a real vista roof, where the larger glass panel is the one that actually opens & slides over the roof. Other Fords have a regular moonroof as the moving part with a larger fixed glass panel behind it to complete the panoramic roof (the moon roof slides under the rear glass panel). The only exception seems to be the 2013+ MKZ with the Panoramic roof which, as per the Owners Manual seems to close like the regular moonroof, but I did not try one myself.

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My 2010 MKT also stops short and you have to hold the switch to close it.


There are rules that say you must have "pinch protection" on any auto-closing glass in North America. There are really only two ways to do this. One is to use load detection circuitry where the extra load on the motor when something is in the way can be detected and used to stop the movement. That's how all the auto-up windows and normal sized moonroofs work. But with the BAMR the mass of the glass is so much that the load change from a kids hand isn't really detectable so it's not reliable enough.

The other way is to use a pinch strip which is basically a physical switch that catches when something is in the way. These things are expensive and take a lot of space, so Ford obviously decided that the inconvenience wasn't worth the cost to the average customer.

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A few dealerships have said they can research if its a code setting at an expensive hourly rate.. hoping one of the ford reps will come along and drop some knowledge bombs on us :)

Dropping some knowledge!


From your Owner Guide:


To close the panoramic Vista Roof™ and power sunshades:

Pull the control down and release. The glass panel will stop at the “express close” position. Firmly pull the control again and hold to fully

close the Vista Roof™. Pull the control down and release to close the sunshades to the “express close” position. Firmly pull the control again and hold to fully close the front and rear sunshades.



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