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Leg Pain


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Hi All


I'm new here so please bear with me. Just got my 5th Leased Ford Edge.

All is just about well except my right ankle is killing and this started about a week after I got the car.

I believe the front seats is what changed from the previous cars. I tried all different positions with the seat but to no avail.

Anyone with a solution or a similar complaint please contact me @ nycrc21@aol.com with Ford Edge in the subject line.


Thnx All

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I've read other people's texts about having leg pain in the Edge. Some said they could find relief by raising the seat all the way up and tilting the back a little. Another said he found it comfortable to use a small pillow in the small of his back. One gentleman had shims under the back of his seat to raise the back higher.

But I believe that most have no problems in getting comfortable. I love my 09 MKX seats, my wife doesn't. Complains that she slides around on the leather too much.

You tried expanding the lumbar out all the way?

I've traveled extensively on business and rented numerous cars. Some I've absolutely hated the seats in (Honda, Toyota, too small for American butts). Don't like Corvettes and Mustangs either.

With the Edge seat being fully adjustable (at least I'm assuming it is), you should be able to find a comfortable position. As you have tried every possible adjustment position, perhaps it's the seat itself. If so, try putting some sort of topper on the seat bottom, like a blanket folded to give some height in the rear portion of the seat bottom. Might be just the shape of the seat that's throwing you off.

I Googled "automotive seat cushion wedge" and got multiple hit. Apparently it's a common complaint. Perhaps one with memory foam?

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Here are my impressions of the seats in my 2015 Edge sport. They are NOT as comfortable as the seats were in my 2012 Charger R/T. The main reason is the side reinforcements on the seat bottoms. They hit me in the hips right around the sciatic nerve. I'm hoping that they will "break in" a bit and relax. I'm still enjoying the car. It's much more usable in the rain up here in Portland OR. I could not use the power in the Charger because I would look at the gas, tires would spin, and the electronic power nannies would kick in. I've turned off the traction control in the Edge and stomped on the gas just to see what would happen. No drama just shot off the line with no wheel spin.

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Seat comfort is such an individual thing. What is comfortable for one person isn't for another. I've never had a problem with seats in any Ford or Lincoln we've purchased until our 2014 Escape Titanium. The manual passenger seat feels like it's 2 inches too high and overall they're just not as comfortable as we're used to. From now on we'll be testing the seats very carefully.

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I've got an 2011 limited. My pain came from the silver trim along the side of the center console that turns up and leads up to the dash. That hits me right on out outboard side of my upper leg. Just below my knee. That was sore for 2-3 months until I built up a resistance to it. Or my body reprogrammed my leg to not rest against it.

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