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2013 Edge Sport Tire Pressure


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Hey Guys,


Let me preface this by saying i'm sure this question gets asked a thousand times by idiots like me but I tried searching the forum for the right answer and couldn't find anything of use. Additionally I check the door jamb which directed me to the owners handbook which told me to speak to Ford... Not that helpful.


I'm getting a Low Tire Pressure warning on the car this morning and I was just wondering what you would reccommend as the best PSI.


Note that i'm in the Middle East so driving is purely on hot dusty roads and luckily for me petrol is cheap, so fuel economy is not a concern.


Also as i'm driving the sport I just want to be sure that the PSI is correct and safe for the Low pro. I'm guessing around 35psi? would that suffice?



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If there's not too much variation during the day, stick with the recommended tire pressure on the driver door jamb, typically 35 psi.


From TireRack:


The rule of thumb is for every 10° Fahrenheit change in air temperature, tire pressures will change about 2% (up with higher temperatures and down with lower). This means that light-duty, standard-pressure tires (typically inflated to 30-50 psi) used in applications on cars, vans and light trucks will change by about 1 psi; where heavy-duty, high-pressure tires (typically inflated to 80-100 psi) used in applications on recreational vehicles, busses and trucks will change by about 2 psi.


The tire should state the max pressure it can handle. Stay well short of it at the max expected temperature, and you should be fine.


More immediate & knowledgeable advice of course from omar/arabski/etc is better, of course :)

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Hi Stef,


I am also in Qatar. The driver's door jamb should have the tire size & recommended inflation pressure. You might have missed it due to all the info written on it.


Edit: I recheck mine &now I get why you didn't find it. The word "tire pressure" are in Arabic only. Look for the tire size, which I believe should be P265/40R22

Under it would be the rim size, 20X something, then under it AT space 35. The 35 being the tire pressure. They would be listed twice, for front & back.

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