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After a ton of research, a lot of forum chat and a heart to heart with a close pal who is a car spec junkie and loves Fords, I DID IT! I now own a 2015 Ford Edge Titanium! Got the Magnetic color (which is the sexiest color of the line up) with an ebony interior.


Its got a build date of 10/15/2015. It was a rainy 4 day Thanksgiving weekend and half of the time it sat out in the rain. It drove in constant rain too....with no leaking issues (so far, fingers crossed).


The ride is exceptionally quite in the cabin and the ride is super smooth. This thing, in my opinion, is nothing less than a Mid Sized Luxury SUV.


My Ford Touch Assessment:
Having come from the Mazda Infotainment system, can easily attest that the MFT is FAR FAR superior and more intuitive. There are some quirky things about it in the Ipod menu but all in all it boots super fast and WORKS! I pushed it hard over the weekend to see if I could get a crash (easy on the Mazda and on the new Santa Fe's that I test drove) but failed at crashing it (insert sound of crowd cheering). I personally like the split screen layout. As a Tech Geek, I feel its a solid and reliable system (so far). The subwoofer works TOO well. Trying to find a nice balance on the eq. This system ROCKS!


Now I do with there were a few 'programmable' things. For instance, my Mazda could be programmed that when I get out of the car...once I leave the 2 foot 'zone' for the Keyfob, it would AUTO lock the entire car. I have been driving that Mazda3 for 2 years and this will be a habit I have to break. Meaning having to remember to lock my car! OOPS! Left it unlocked twice so far.


But all in all the MFT is a really good infotainment system. Maybe the previous version was a disaster, but this one works (so far). I saw the new Sync 3 in the escapes, and its cool but it seems as reliable as what is in my Edge.


The Friends and Family discount was too enticing to pass up which is why I did not wait for the 2016's. I had my dealership work hard for me on finding the RIGHT Edge in the RIGHT configuration. I gave up looking for one with a factory tow package. Those seem rare.


I took a print out of the on line warranties with me to the finance guy. After a bit of discussion about it he came very close to the prices and I'd rather help the local guys out. I don't mind someone making a profit off of me...but the initial price was obscene!


I am really digging my new Edge and am thankful for all the discussions in this forum that helped me make an informed decision.



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I do wish Ford would autolock the car when the fob goes out of range (as an option that could be turned on or off). Especially when you can use the keypad to unlock it without the fob.


Make sure you put in your own personal keypad code so you can remember it.


I put the code in my phone so I can access it if I forget.

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How do you know its locked?



On the inside of the door where old cars had their lock button there is an LED that glows red when the doors are locked.


Also, when you tap the top of the door handle to lock the doors, if you don't hear the 'click' you can quickly give the door handle a pull and see if it's locked. The lock function delays the unlock function for a few seconds.

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Oh, so that red light glows 100% of the time when its locked? I just assumed it was only for a moment and I was too busy this weekend to stand around and stare at my door lock :-)


Yep, but only for a few minutes. Here's the official info:


Door Lock Indicator
An LED on each door window trim
illuminates when you lock the door. It
remains on for up to 10 minutes after you
switch the ignition off.
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Congratulations......I know that my wife and I love ours....she now refers to the(the vehicle that I commute with) 2006 torrent as the POS....LOL I told her the edge has spoiled her.


I too heard lots of negative reviews on the MFT, but I love ours.....we rented a 2015 LTZ tahoe and the Nav/display system was crap compared to the MFT.

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