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2010 edge sport front grille


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Plastidip dries "flat"/matte. You do need to put a good number of coats on it, maybe even 5-6 depending on how thin you are spraying it. If the proper technique and drying time are allowed, it should be VERY durable. Even on wheels. You can brighten it up some by using their Glossifier product, if you like. Overspray is fairl easy to remove, after drying, with careful use of a razor blade to demarcate the edges. You might find this thread, among others, useful:



Wrapping the grille is another option if you want to go for that. Durable, good looking, but not as cheap as PD.




Finally, you can scuff up the grille, primer it (plastic primer), paint it. Several people have bought primered grilles from Ford and had them professionally painted to match. That would be the most expensive option, I think.




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same question. I just got a 2010 edge sport too was looking at making the grille tuxedo black like the car. I cant find a non chrome grille online to buy and paint. I gotta get my bumper done anyway so i figured if I found a primed one or whatever I can knock out 2 birds with one stone at the shop.

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I painted my chrome grill black last year.




Still looks great. No rock chips or any other issues after 6K miles. Scuff the chrome really well and use quality paint. Use the 2K clear.


I was not able to find any primered grilles for the 08-10s when I was looking. It'd would have cost a bit more, but it would have been so much easier to get a primered piece and let a paint shop spray it black/clear it.

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you dont need primer on the plastic grille ..scuff with a 600 scoth pad...make sure you get everything scuffedin the corners ,everywhere.also i highly recommend removing the grille completely. after scuffing wash with soapy water(use dawn it has surfactents) it means it cuts grease basically. then i would clean with a good quality microfiber towel and fill a spray bottle with isopropal alchohol and mist and wipe clean. let set till completely dry then tack cloth to ensure no dust or foreign objects. get a good adhesion promotor..pretty inexpensive and put 1even coat on (make sure you cover all parts in the corners too. let stand maybe 5 min and while still tacky even a little wet spray your color. i actually had my auto paint supplier mix a rattle can.just give them your paint code from the door decal and they can mix.it is a good match..just dont recommend spraying your body panels with it..3 or 4 good coats of color then also at the paint supplier they have a clear that will also come in a rattle can but it actually has a catalys that when ready you insert the cap onto the bottom of the can and hit it in the ground .this releases your catalys(hardener) into the clear and you have a 24 hr pot life..i was actually very happy with the clear.have never used it but i have sparayed a few cars and this was very clean coming out and it was the perfect mix as far as setting once it hits the surface..no issues with runs and the orange peel was minimal for using a rattle can. i did color sand and polished by hand also...looks good and the color match is impressive considering its out of a can. and its metal flake which is very hard to match as you dont get consistant flake,

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