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When Do The Order Books Open Up?


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Updated information from the Blue Oval forum.




  • 06/13/2018 - 2019MY Order Bank Open Date
  • 07/12/2018 - 2019MY Scheduling Begins
  • 09/04/2018 - 2019MY Job #1 Date

The 2019 Ford Edge Order Guide will be released to Dealers on or about the date that the USOB (Unscheduled Order Bank) opens and will be uploaded to the Order Guide Section as soon as it's available.

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Thanks for the ordering guide! Two questions:


1. Any more info about the late availabilty of ther performance brake package? I'm interested in this, but need a late December / early January delivery. Hoping it can make it.


2. Any pricing guides leak out yet? Want to get it fully priced out before I talk to the dealer about ordering.



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MSRP on my order was $50,020. The only option I did not get was the DVD and the brake package. I would think both those options would add about $4K at most.


Thanks. I'm most interested to get a proper price dump with invoice vs MSRP, etc. Hate to have to ask a dealer for pricing and not know what invoice is.


Also curious about the timing for the brake package...

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I tried to place my order with the dealer today, however when they select the option 66p for the performance brakes it zeroes out all dollar amounts and they couldn't give me a price. They asked me if I had heard what the price would be :p


No idea when we'll be able to order the "late availability" brake package. I don't care how long it takes to build, I just want to get my order in! They were offering $500 over invoice. Other dealers in the area will hold at MSRP or above.

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