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  2. IMO don't replace the touchscreen unit. Keep the stock unit but add a L.O.C. Line Output Converter which will allow you to add aftermarket speakers to your stock stereo. I use the LC7i but it's overkill. First one I used was from Amazon/eBay, it is made for the 2011 Ford Edge SEL w/ 4 door speakers (non-Sony, no amp) and it provides RCA outputs to install amp with no problems. It was $45-$50. Make sure to buy the one with the remote wire because it just makes things easier.
  3. Time for a new car audio system!  Recently sold my dual Skar VXF 15"s in a massive labyrinth enclosure weighing 220 lbs powered by Taramps MD8,000.1.  Prior to that was dual Kicker L7 12"s in a Q-Bomb rhino bed liner SPL box. Currently am upgrading the OEM 150 amp alternator to a JS Alt 390 alt. Upgraded stock battery to an XS Power D3400 AGM (big) battery. Have run one run of 1/0 gauge OFC wire (for mids) PLUS two more runs of 2/0 OFC Certified Basshead Silver-Tinned wire (1/2" diameter means equivalent to 0000 or 4/0 AWG gauge wire/cable 😃 from battery to rear cargo area. Am installing 3 SHCA fuse blocks with 1,500 amps of fuses (500x3). Also have ran Alex-Tech wire covers as well as full hard loom to protect everything such as the remote wires for LC7i and 2 amps and have ran speaker tap-in wires for LC7i, Sky High Car Audio 4 Channel RCAs for my CT Sounds Bass Knob w/ Digital Volt Meter and On/Off switch, and another bass knob for the LC7i. Am considering mounting my Taramps under rear seat (as long as seat can still fold down without suffocating amps. Sub amp consists of Taramps Bass 8,000.1 and another Taramps for the 4 door speakers which I swapped on over to 5.25" opposed to the 6x8"s.