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I was wondering if everyone here is seeing the same thing I see when getting to this forum. I have an entire page of banners and ads before I see anything thread/post related. I have to scroll past this every time I click a link.


Is anyone else seeing the same thing as me? This is what I'm seeing:





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Use Adblock Plus.


Yeah, right after I posted this thread I installed adblock. Chrome lets these ads through because they are google ads.


I thought it's been that way for some time. I don't even notice the ads - I just scroll down.


It has, but with the new banner it seems much larger. That is what spurred my post.


Site has changed for the worse for me :spiteful: !


I'm with you.

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Today I was looking through areas of the web site I haven't visited before. What I find amusing is that invariably the first ads displayed below the banner are for Chrysler and Dodge. I know ad placement is beyond the control of the web designers, but it is a bit strange, given the purpose of these pages. Can't make it up.

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Re showing ads based upon sites visited, I have never been on auto manufacturers web sites except Ford. Last Jeep I drove was when I was 16, learning to drive in a 1948 Willys. The last Dodge I drove was a company car, about 30 years ago. Dunno what Google thinks, but ad serving is a strange business. No matter. I use an Android tablet 95% of the time (rarely use the Win7 laptop anymore), so AdBlock isn't an option. I just thought the choice of ads was amusing.

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