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How do I reset the TPMS for winter tires?


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Rather than taking the tires on and off the factory rims I went and bought a new set of rims last year for my winter tires with the tpms sensors installed . The local tire garage did the install as they were new. In the summer time, i jacked up my car and swapped the winter tires/rims for my factory summer ones and everything was fine.


Now it's winter again and I figured the process was simple. I swapped back on the Winter tires/rims and figured that everything would be OK. NOPE! My Edge now complains that the tire pressure is off and has the warning light pop up every time the car is started and the waring light on my dash. I have paid the extra $120 for the tpms sensors when I bought the tires so I want them working as they should. they worked all last winter. The tire pressure is fine.


How does one reset the wheel TPMS sensor link with the car without having to buy one of those learning tools off ebay? or is that the only method to get it done?

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Well, yes. I drove about 75 miles yesterday, mostly highway.


I don't know what the issue was, but I tried some of the 'internet suggestion' with combinations of turning to start and off, hitting the hazzard light switch 6 times, and any others I could find. Even tried one where you let air out of all the tires. Non I tried would get the car to honk and display anything on any of the dash consoles.


I eventually gave up, pumped my tires back up to pressure and drove down the street to get the mail before going shopping. In the 50 feet down the road, the tire light decided to turn off. No idea what I did to fix it, but it decided to work. Now, the left and right displays on the dash decided to turn to black a couple of times that afternoon, but I'll just take that as a Microsoft glitch unless it keeps doing it often

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I purchased black steel rims and tires from Canadian Tire for winter. I bought the TPS x 4 from the Ford dealership in town. The dealership told me I would need to return to them and have them programmed. I took this as gospel.

I had Can Tire install TPS units and balance. Inquired with the mechanic there if he would be able to program the Ford sensors, and he said yes since Can Tire sells non-FORD TPS units. When the job was complete, he told me that it seems that the Ford units had automagically set themselves up with my Edge. He apparently had run scans and couldn't see any errors in the Can OBDII data or otherwise.

That was over 3 months ago now.

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I have 17" alloys for my winter tires (from Tire Rack when the CAN$ was doing a lot better).


There are almost the same diameter and are only a bit narrower, probably the tread is a bigger difference.


If there is slick snow on the road my traction control will flash once in a while but I take it easy and don't have problems.

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Sorry to revive this 6 month old thread.


Question for those that are familiar with Fords TPMS:


Ford's parts catalog lists two different TPMS sensors for a 2016 Sport....anyone know how to tell whether the car has the 315MHz or the 433MHz sensors,?

Go to this site: https://www.etis.ford.com/


Click on the "Vehicle" tab, insert your VIN, then search under "Minor Features", you will find either 315 or 433 MHz

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