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2 hours ago, akirby said:


Not true.  It's there.

It may be for you, but when I clicked on it the content had been removed. No issue though, someone emailed me a copy of it and I have deal with this issue. Thank you for your help.

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3 hours ago, MLin said:

You are right, I should have gone to the dealer, even if it is a hour away or at least called them to discuss. Instead I went to my local Ford dealer and this insane process got rolling and then it started raining heavily with a heavy rain advisory and no time to drive an hour away.

This is definitely a design flaw. Ford acknowledges it as a "Manufacturing defect" however identified this issue in a "Customer Satisfaction Program" which is like calling it "Fake News" IMO. They seem to be sneakily moving away from using "Recall"  and rebranding it "Customer Satisfaction Program" (CSP) and expecting no one to call them on it.  The CSP issued by Ford says " It may be possible for salt and water to weep through the rear wiper motor shaft grommet. This can leave a deposit of residue on the interior of the rear defroster grid and cause uneven heat in the glass". These are the words from Ford. As I look at everyone's pictures, the shatter pattern is the same. This is definitely a design flaw and should be unequivocally covered regardless of how many times the glass shatters.

1. The glass shattering sounds like a gun shot and if it happens while driving it scares the crap out of you.

2. I live in Canada and during the in winter months the rear defrost is a necessity. Now that this has happened to me twice (2x's) I freeze every time I start my car and the heat comes on and its like a race to turn the defrost off and then its a "decision", like how bad is it, do I really need to turn on my rear defrost today"???

3. My thought process goes to questioning "What can I do to alleviate this fear and try to stop it from happening again since Ford has not identified a willingness to own this flaw and provide me with a reliable fix?"

4. I escalated this to the top at Ford and got some action. It wasn't a great response but it wasn't a complete NO like I had received from the dealership, Customer Service and Customer Relations.


ps. Know anyone that wants to buy a 2015 Ford Edge?

It's not a recall because it's not a safely issue.    It's a major inconvenience, and a design flaw, but it's not a safety thing.  If nobody is getting injured or dying- no recall.  


As for #3, you could pull the wiper setup and seal up the hole if you are willing to live without the wiper.  Find a good body plug and silicone it in.  It'd be just like driving a sedan at that point.


"Rear wiper delete Mod"


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