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From one edge to another....


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Allow me to reintroduce myself....


Out with the old in with the new....But she's still in the family.


My lady now owns my 2013 SEL.


I'm the proud new owner (new to me) of a 2017 Sport!


(Apologies for the double post. I tried to delete the previous post, but did not see a delete button)







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Welcome to the DARKSIDE :happy feet: :happy feet:


Keep tabs in the 2.7 ecoboost section for updates on our prototype parts!


A reliable 12 sec suv is in our future!

Getting to know her and her needs and wants and she wants speed how much more does she needs is to be determined. I appreciate y'all blazing the trails, and meeting the demands of enthusiast!

Congrats on the new ride! Looks pretty sweet :thumbsup: Keep it out of potholes and speedbreakers, will ya? LOL.

Went to get breakfast the other day and I got pulled over... Cop said its a lil early in the morning to be drinking and driving.. I told him I'm just swerving pot holes... We locked eyes for a minor so and just as I was thinking this is going to go left he started laughing and told me to enjoy my day.

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Looks great! Now you need chrome door handles.

No thank you sir. I do love your taste in wheels though.

I wanted the white one. Good choice!

Thanks looking back all of my favorite cars have been in white. Originally I was looking for her in flat white but they seem to be made of unobtanium. My brother has a 2015 in Black!

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