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Tire Pressure Sensor ?

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I have a tire pressure sensor fault. Last week I had new tires installed and the guy at the dealer said it would cost $200. to replace it. I said no thanks. I looked up the sensors on Rockauto and there is a couple different ones, has to do with the Hertz they operate at.

There is 2 motorcraft ones listed

one at 433 MHZ

and one at 315 MHZ

Which one does my 2013 Edge Limited need? 18 inch wheels

Thanks for the help.


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That was the Ford dealer that told me that much, it was the guy that takes your info for service.



I would ask what the breakdown of the cost is. Mounting and unmounting a tire plus the part is all i can think of. should be way under a hundred bucks parts and labor plus tax. perhaps he wants to replace all four for some reason?

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Guy at the dealer told me it would be 200 dollars plus labor to replace one of them. I brought my new tires there to have them installed, they quoted me $60.00 to mount and balance, I said what about all the extra hidden fees, he said there wasn't any. So I finally had my 82000 mile Michelins replaced with the same Michelins that I purchased online.

I just looked up sensors Motorcraft TPMS12 and you can get them for less tham 20 bucks apiece on Amazon.

Thanks for the help guys.


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