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Bumper and door sill protection

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FORD makes one that fits there (FT4Z-17B807). How did you find that random aftermarket one you posted the link for and not come across this first?



Hell I've missed it too. Was looking for one several months ago. My dog just loves to launch out of the back right from the paint!

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I like the stock one but it looks like it leaves a 1/4 to 1/2 an inch exposed which looking at a friend's of mines seems to be where the most damage is.

That’s correct. I have this exact one and when installing you have to determine ahead of time what area you want protected. I chose the outer ‘Edge” (pun intended) of the bumper. With three oblivious teenagers loading/unloading the car I figured outside damage would be more likely

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i have the OEM one from ford on my 2016 and it is not good. it is extremely thin (a vinyl sticker) and doesn't cover the top edge of the bumper. I would not recommend it.


I had one on my 2009 edge and it was much thicker, made of rubber, and covered the edge of the bumper.


[edit to add] i just looked at the one in the link that onyxbfly posted. that looks much better.


as far as the stuff in the OP's link goes, i think they must have used an edge from a different market than n. america. they show a spare tire protector that goes under the car. dunno 'bout the others here but my spare is inside the car. same goes for a few other pieces that just don't look anything like my 2016.

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