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What Did you pay for your 2011 Edge


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I got the platinum white Limited every feature but the adaptive cruise control and DVD in the back head rest paid


$38,500 + Tax Here in Canada






So, you did not get the headrest DVD?


I suggest we also mention the MSRP list price -- in addition to what we actually paid.

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We got our 2011 limited AWD loaded every option except for the adaptive cruise control price was 41,605 -2850=38755.00 -2000.00 rebates=36755.00 we got the ford 1500 rebate and a 500 AQHA rebate.


What $1500 Ford rebate? Where can I find information on this? All I have seen is the $1000 rebate that ended on Oct 4th.

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I bet you save a few bucks because you are in oakville's back yard. My train ride to Kansas cost a few bucks


?? You can be next door to the factory but you will still pay the exact same shipping cost as everyone else in Canada - which is about 50% more than what Americans pay...

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I'm not sure if knowing the dealership owners help or not, but I got the fully loaded Sport - White, with all options, including the T V's in the headrests!! (impulse buy). 35.2K - 38.5K after taxes.. It was thousands+ less than any other dealer I looked at. Family friends, gotta love them!

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2011 Edge Sport AWD

Platinum White

Rubber Floor Mats

The 5 year premium extra warranty

Purchased in Burlington Ontario


Every option except:

Biss/DVD Player/Adaptive Cruise


Sticker Price: $43,900

After options/tax/blah/blah




I had:

Z Plan

Costco $1,000

Delivery Allowance $1,500


Cost to take her home: $48,400

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