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    • So I just called MF and the tech said that part # is for a edge but his tech sheet said it would not work for a 17-18-19 Edge Sport/ST  he didn't know it won't work but he said it wasn't made for that year edge.  I ask him if they were going to make one and he said yes but it would be a year away since they are working on other vehicles.  I am guessing since they don't have one for a sport 17-18 that it will be longer than a year.  Sadly no shop around here does stainless or mandrel bent exhaust and from what I am getting from calling all these exhaust shops is the ST edge is not a big enough seller for anyone to care about it.  Reason why their isn't any CAI for the car.  Tell them you have a ST focus or Fiesta and everyone comes out of the wood work with an exhaust.  Even the Explorer Sport they made an exhaust but the Edge shares space with the misfit toys that are on their own island I guess.  I hate having a car I can't buy parts for and I have changed about everything I can on my mustang :(
    • Nice to read about the user experiences with this tire. 
      Consumer Reports has this as the top rated tire for our types of vehicles. Of course the user reviews after the report vary as usual.    I am trying to decide between this tire and the Bridgestone 422 ECOPIA. The T rated tire not the Plus which is H. What’s the difference between H and T? I have read about this in detail because I found different user experiences when reviewing the H or T tires. For example the H seem to wear quicker and the T seem to do better in snow (which I need to worry about). I’ll talk more about that in a different thread. The Conti’s come in both H and T. Anyone who buys the Contis at Discount Tire is getting T while those who buy from Ford are getting H.    I will get to my issue in a minute. I bought a set of tires (which I won’t mention what in this thread as not on topic but will in another) which were very well reviewed online by users and test groups. There were a couple users who complained about vibration on the highway. Two or three people. I figured no big deal, maybe it was a bad set or not balanced right. I get the tires and go on the highway and with Utah roads being the way they are, the tires do have this vibration problem, it’s like riding on a washboard (which was not a problem with my old Michelin Latitudes). I believe the wheels (which were just aligned) are balanced properly. The friggin tires telegraph the road surface in this way at high speed. I have to get rid of them and get either the Conti or Bridgestone.    So in reading about the LX20 I read two user reviews where they stated that due to the tires wide tread design, they get pebbles caught in the tread which don’t come out and create this loud noise when driving. Now I’m like F***! Like with these other stupid tires, everyone else is fine with the LX20 , and I’m going to be the one with the bad luck and Murphy’s Law and have this problem. Utah roads do have pebbles and there is a lot of construction going on. There is a rock chip windshield problem here I never or rarely had on the east coast.    I know it’s funny, right (sort of)?! Does anyone have any problems with pebbles? Or should I just get the tires and see? 
    • Your edge is 3 years old. I truly doubt that it has never rained nor has your edge been washed during that time period.  This can not be the first incident of water entering the car.   Unless an accident that occurred,  which was repaired and not reported to the insurance company etc,  There is no way that this is not a structural defect from the factory.  After all they repaired dozens of them if not hundreds due to the same issue.     I would reach out to Ford Corporate, ask about the oasis report and see if there were any previous related repairs.   
    • Thanks everyone for your input this is great!  I have contacted Ford and the dealership and they said any coverage has been expired. I have removed the hood hing and sealed the A Pillar body joint on the driver side.  It did rain and when the car was parked and no water seemed to get in however when i drove in the rain it did get water on the driverside floor however not from the A Pillar.  I still have the enterior side panels and the carpet removed.  I was not able to see where the water was comming from. I did test the water and was able to confirm that it is rain water. It is going to rain this Friday and this time I will be better prepaired to see where the water is comming in.  I was thinking about removeing the LH finder I hope it doesnt come to that ... anyway work in progress.  
    • @bchapman30 are you in the US or Canada?
    • Yes I referred them to this FSA but they ran my VIN and said mine was not on the recall list. Too bad so sad basically 
    • My dealer told me about the rear glass issue as well but they won’t budge unless Ford gives them the “go ahead”. So frustrating. 
    • You can also use a tap on #23 in the fuse box up under the drivers side.  I used that for my dashcam but now I want to add a wire for power when off for parking mode with low voltage cut off if anyone has any ideas (prefer to tap a fuse if possible).
    • They’re all filled for life.   If you don’t change the fluid it will last until the transmission dies!
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