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    • I should also add that I think the reason when using Forscan I didn't see the DCSM is probably because it didn't know it existed with the melted ground wire.  I've yet to hook it back up to Forscan to try to see if it's there but may end up doing that this weekend just because I'm curious.
    • Fixed!  Here's how.  When I looked over the wiring on the DCSM box originally, I removed the 2 small connectors but couldn't get the big one out.  I didn't see anything obvious and I tugged a bit on all the wires on the big connector to see if any were loose.  Looked fine to me but I kept thinking about why I couldn't get that big 12 wire connector out.  Originally I just thought it's at a bad angle and I must not be depressing the clip correctly.  Anyways went back out and tried it again.  I had a hell of a time getting it out.  I was to the point I was using a pliers and afraid I was going to destroy the connector or worse yet the DCSM box.  However the seats don't work so what do I have to lose?  Here is what I found when I finally got the connector out.  Pin was so burned it melted plastic so that is why it was stuck.  I ended up opening up the DCSM box to get full access to the pin that was all charred and had plastic chunks on it and polished it up with the wire wheel on my dremel.  Then I found the replacement plug on Rockauto, it was under $40 with shipping and the 5% off coupon.  Just finished installing it tonight and it works!!  I was really hoping the burned pin didn't progressively damage the box and it didn't.  Attached is the part number as well.      
    • Well, the Escape has a curb weight of about 1,700Kg, while the Edge is 4,100Kg. Same engine (2.0AWD Eco-boost) on both. Of course the Escape feels a lot more lively and nimble, but the Edge has a more spacious/luxurious interior. And yes, we're keeping both.
    • Rear view camera guidelines and the ability to look down toward hitch are gone. I see this has been a topic for some time, but it has just happened to me as of about 12/09/2018. I have a 2012 Edge. I have not done anything to cause this that I know of, it was working one day and gone the next. From what I have read, it seems to be a software issue that came about after a software update, so why are people saying how much it cost to  have a Ford dealership fix it? It seems Ford or Ford reps. did something wrong and that Ford should fix it for free.  Is there a way I can get this problem solved by way of an update sent to my car?  How do I get this working again?  Also, I keep getting the "Want to run a Vehicle Health Report" pop-up. Yet Ford has said it will no longer accept those reports. How do I get my vehicle to stop asking if I want to run the Vehicle Health Report? Please help. Thanks. 
    • All tires pick up rocks.  Just get them.:)
    • Hey everyone!  Just bought my new 2019 Edge Titanium last night.  Thought I'd introduce myself here and say hi.   Stepping out of a lemon of a 2017 Ford Escape, which thankfully FoMoCo has bought back...and I pray I never have to deal with the agents of mediocrity in the Reacquired Vehicles department again!
    • If your Edge has adjustable headrests (not all models had them), you can pull the top forward as though you wanted it even closer to your head.  At the limits of its forward travel, it will release and go back to the rear-most position.  You can then move it forward again, one click at a time, until you reach a comfortable position.   If your Edge does not have adjustable headrests, you can pull them out of the seat, take them to a bench vise, and carefully bend the support rods to adjust the position.  
    • Howdy all. I have a 2010 Ford Edge Sport with the series 100 remote start kit that was already installed when I purchased the vehicle used a couple years ago. The remote start function recently started failing to start the car, just as cold weather hits and I need it.  Grrrrrr. What I'm seeing is that it "tries" to start (I hear a brief whirring-like noise), then it pops off a pair of horn honks and stops trying. The failure was persistent for a few mornings. I found the series 100 guide and it appears that the double-beep on failure indicates that the hood is open, but it's not. So one afternoon, I walked to the car to try to troubleshoot and the remote start worked all of a sudden. Of course since then it's stopped working when I need it to. At the moment, it seems this may be a problem caused by low temperatures since it was in the 50s when it did work the one time, but in 30s when it failed. The car otherwise starts fine by key. The battery was recently tested and is fine (replaced a few months ago and re-tested a month ago). Soooo... any thoughts on what the problem may be and what to look for?   EDIT: half hour after posting this, i tried the remote start and it worked perfectly.... temp in the 50s. So still looking to be a temperature-sensitive problem. 
    • Don’t tell my wife this was my Xmas present!
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